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Minimal Hypnotic Industrial BodyMusic

Zwaremachine(US) – Minneapolis’ own fully realized industrial worship. This outlet of visual artist Mach Fox embodies the provocative sights and sounds of second wave industrial music. Influences from some of the top acts of the genres can be heard in the songs from “Be A Light” the first full length album released in 2018. With a clear focus on classic sounds and modern production he describes the style for this album as “Minimal Hypnotic Industrial Body Music”.

In 2019 Zwaremachine supported the album and toured Europe and the midwest U.S. playing festival and venue gigs and with the addition of Dutch percussionist Dein Offizier in September the band had solidified as a trio with Dbot on bass guitar and Mach Fox on vocals.

With an eerie hum Zwaremachine embraces early ebm/industrial soundscapes while keeping a persistent darkwave experimental approach.
Thoroughly deranged, Zwaremachine will trash your sense of disbelief a minute into the first song and continue to do so all the way through.

The band has just released a 5 song EP  and a special edition of “Be A Light”


Mach Fox – vocals/synth

D-bot – bass guitar/vocals

Dein Offizier – drums/percussion



“Zwaremachine are a trio devoted to minimal and militant EBM with a darkwave influence, reminiscent of acts like Dive, The Klinik, and Clock DVA. Their music is eerie and hypnotizing, centered on dark and futuristic soundscapes with cinematic qualities, minimal rhythmic and obsessive structures and loops full tension…Zwaremachine deliver an interesting debut full of neo old-school galore.

Instead of focusing on post-punk inspired moments and noisy, industrial experiments like some of their peers, they follow a personal approach based on the use of synth sounds and minimalistic rhythmic patterns. Sometimes dark and menacing, sometimes funkier and full of groove, they offer a wide sound embracing many aspects of minimal electronics and old-school EBM. A welcome addiction to the resurgence of old-school motifs in modern elctro-industrial/EBM bands.”


Reviews & Interviews

“Zwaremachine is one of the bands in the world that has masterfully fused these genres together into a style of music that is quite impressive. Add the charge of emotion and you have a powder keg of music that many rivet heads will truly love.” – Music Eternal

“Zwaremachine is definitely a monster when it comes to Hypnotic mind blowing industrial and EBM, plus Darkwave added to their brand and, mix which is such a beautiful thing vocals and synth work are done right this band totally gets it.” – Asphyxium Zine

“Here they show their love for robust basslines and old-school moments once again, crafting club tracks with heavy bass sounds as well as riffing synths and an aggressive attitude. The result is something meant to conquer the hearts of old-school rivetheads as well as the modern audience interested in the roots of the genre reworked with an updated style.”

Published by Davide Pappalardo on June 8, 2020
Zwaremachine – Ripping at the fabric

“Zwaremachine claims to be influenced by some of the greatest EBM acts and that’s definitely something you can hear in the composition. But “Be A Light” is not what I would call an emulation, but an album revealing a mix between retro-elements and something more personal. The songs mix the sophistication and electro-elegance of Plastic Noise Experience together with the darkness of early Skinny Puppy. This album took me by a surprise revealing a rather mature and accomplished production. The composition is intelligent and creating an imaginary sonic bridge between 90s EBM productions and something more contemporary-like. This is the kind of music that will appeal for lovers of Skinny Puppy’s early years.” – Side-Line Reviews

“Be A Light is the debut breakthrough album with a head full of noise and crushed glass under bare feet album. Zwaremachine bring out the retro guns and fire with vigor into the modern scene, leaving us shell-shocked. Seven tracks of all-out industrial ebm with a contemporary halo illuminating all who dare bask in its light. With all tracks locked in a mid-tempo beat and bassline intermissions, Be A Light is an ode to the old school and the next logical step towards reinvigorating the art of ebm as we know it. From the opening track Pulse to the final Person To Person, the album is a slow burn march of the industrial proletariat. The title track Be A Light is the ultimate call to arms from the underdog industrial revolutionists to the side blinded masses of jaded old-school enthusiasts craving at least one more chance at remembering the good old times. Well, Be A Light delivers on the notion with a defiant fist raised high above. This is a dose of contemporary industrial you can’t afford to miss.” – Industrial-Magazine

This is most certainly an album that assimilates electronic subgenre styles, ultimately celebrating them, while atmospherically integrating the powerful forces of darkness and light within the compositions sonic expression. A hypnotic fusion of futuristic soundscapes permeates throughout the tracks as the spirit of both past and present dance purposefully to embroil and stimulate the listener. Most certainly a deeply infectious body of work that embeds itself under the skin and commands your pulsating framework into an energetic outburst.

These tracks in their entirety embed themselves into the headspace, providing a plethora of infectious synth hooks, gripping tones and rhythmical, percussive beats, providing all the grit, energy and provocativeness you could wish for from a cyber/industrial electronic outfit. – Miff Morris

Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, Zwaremachine are a trio devoted to minimal and militant EBM with a darkwave influence, reminiscent of acts like Dive, The Klinik, Clock DVA. Their music is eerie and hypnotizing, centered on dark and futuristic soundscapes with cinematic qualities, minimal rhythmic and obsessive structures and loops full tension.  – Davide Pappalardo